Gallery of Handiwork through the Years

This is a gallery of fine and applied art by the hand of Todd van Hulzen.

Todd started his career as a fine artist.  Through the years he has functioned as a: decorative painter, copyist, puppet maker, polystyrene sculptor for the film industry, stuccador-sculptor for interiors, fabric printer, totem-pole builder, graphic artist , manuscript illuminator, and renaissance armorer.

To this day he still uses his skills to advance projects for museums and films.  For each client Todd tries to make at least one piece by his own hand.

  • sculpture a la maniére de Maillol
  • 8hwh_corset
  • Copy of a portrait of Don Miguel de Castro, Emissary of the King of the Congo
  • abe_blazon2
  • ?Indian? fountain, with 3 aboriginal herms.
  • Portrait of the goddess Pomona, adapted from a portrait of Sta. Apolonia.
  • baby_bed_det
  • baby_panels
  • detail of a stucco cartouche
  • c_noire
  • c_noire_full2
  • Copy of a 17th century painting
  • c_swanhead
  • c_wil_v_k
  • d_guild
  • darkbl8totem
  • dis_timon
  • dis_ursula_head
  • armor for Don Quixote
  • armor for Don Quixote
  • armor for Don Quixote
  • dsc00141
  • dscn0134
  • dscn4038
  • e_rome_actheon
  • e_rome_border
  • fireplace
  • greenbird
  • grotesque_green
  • grotesque_red
  • i_backdropbig2
  • i_backdropsmall1
  • manuscr_page2
  • manuscript_proef3
  • mapanian2
  • mapchina2
  • copy of a Monet (la Japonnaise)
  • opera_lion
  • pict2379
  • pict2515
  • pict2538
  • pict2750
  • armor for Don Quixote

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